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Categorie木々や花々  - コメント(6) TOP

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Excuse me.
I'm from Taiwan. I once went to 上甑島 to see Kanokoyuri and went to 平尾台 to see Nohimeyuri.
I'm going to go to Oshima to observe Sakuyuri.
I'm worried that I can't find so many sakuyuri.
Is it possible for you to tell me (mark on a map) some exact locations with more sakuyuri?
Thank you.

Chou Jingtyng:2018/07/15(日) 02:51 | URL | [編集]

There are a lot of Oshima in Japan. It is Oshima, Tokyo. It is one hour and 45 minutes by boat from Tokyo Takeshiba. Hamakanzou and Sakuyuri are now in bloom. Sukasiyuri flower season has passed.
There is an observation meeting of Sakuyuri on Saturday, 07/21.
Are you interested in lily? Ubayuri blooms in Oshima.

-:2018/07/17(火) 12:25 | URL | [編集]

Thanks for your reply.
I will be in Izu Oshima from 7/31 to 8/3.
I think I can't find Ubayuri without a guide, but at least I've seen them fruiting in Hiraodai.
I'm interested in lily and orchids, you can take a look at my facebook album. If possible, I'd like to see Cypripedium japonicum, but I think it's almost impossible.
To find Sakuyuri, which place do you recommend? 裏砂漠, 白石山, 櫛形山, trail from Onsen hotel or to go "southward, not normally eastward" from 山頂口展望台? But if I don't buy something in the hotel, I dare not to park my car in its parking lot.
Can you tell me which seashore (name in Japanese) to see 浜萱草?

Chou Jingtyng:2018/07/29(日) 02:13 | URL | [編集]

You can not see Uba lily without a guide. I do not do face book. You can see Sakuyuri getting off the climbing mouth to the caldera and going up the mountain path. Parking can be done without shopping at a hot spring hotel. Hamakanzou has finished the flower season. I do not understand the coast meaning of the Japanese name. Do you mean a naturalist "Minakata Kumagusu"?

チョモ:2018/07/30(月) 09:34 | URL | [編集]

"Coast name in Japanese" means such as "トウシキ海岸" rather than "toushiki seashore". If you tell me a place name in English spelling, it's hard for me to know where it is.
MOST IMPORTANTLY, Could you please have a look at the picture I drew on the website below:
RED lines areas indicate good sites to see Sakuyuri. Is that correct?

Chou Jingtyng:2018/07/30(月) 17:34 | URL | [編集]

Here I share what I saw with you in my Google page.
Besides 百合, I saw an unknown Spiranthes.

Chou Jingtyng:2018/09/06(木) 23:04 | URL | [編集]

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